Beneficiary concert 2013

Datum a čas konání: 
Friday, 22. November 2013 - 14:30
Baráčnická rychta

In 2013, the beneficiary was a mixture of old well proved and new and slightly wild. After several years of being in different Jewish vebnues, we returned back to Baracnicka Rychta, where we used to hold our concerts in the past. While last year the concert featured jazz music, this year we introduced two very lively Gypsy bands - Imperio a Terne Čave. The evening was hosted by Ester Janeckova. The traditional concert raffle that always features kosher food and drinks offered an extra price of two free tickets to Tel Aviv donated by El Al.

The beneficiary concert was very successful - the tickets were sold out several weeks before the actual event, the venue was packed with enthusiastic audience and surprisingly many great dancers. We were glad to meet our friends and partners that came to support the event. Thanks to the concert and the raffle we managed to raise 32,780 CZK.

We wish to thank our partners and sponsors of the concert: CSOB Asset Management, the main financiaql partner of the event, El Al, that donated two return tickets to Israel. Further, we wish to thank Ceske vinarstvi Chramce, mamacoffee, Jewish Museum in Prague, Jewish Community in Prague, Jewish Community in Olomouc, Lostice Town, Rudolf Jelínek Destilery a.s., King Solomon, Dinitz, Ciderie, Zesovicka palenice and Respect and Tolerance. We also thank our volunteers Alena, Petr, Tereza, Ester and Anna that helped us during the organisation of the concert. We also thank to everybody that came to the concert and supported FHV through participating at the event.

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