Benefit Concert 2015, Café Jedna

This year benefit event marked an anniversary – we organised it for the tenth time in a row. Therefore we decided to enliven our older concept and organised the benefit in a new space - Café Jedna, our allied establishment. This cafe, situated in a Trade Fair Palace, has long been our partner providing us with the venue for our café workshops called ” I am Jewish and I prosper,“ where we introduce remarkable persons of Jewish origin in Czech public sector to general public.
Benefit concert that took place on November 19, 2015 was opened by Mr. Michal Klima, the newly appointed chairman of the FHV Board of Directors, who addressed the importance of the Foundation work and illustrated it on a true war story. The second man to give a speech was Israeli ambassador to the Czech Republic, Mr. Gary Koren, who gave a speech on the contribution of the work of institutions such as those which support the life in a Jewish diaspora. In connection with uneasy times in Israel these days he gave a short speech on the current problematic issues in Jewish world. The speeches were followed by a short film summarizing the FHV´s last year work.
Later, the moderator of the night invited a singer Miroslav Zbirka, the star of the night, to the stage. Zbirka immediately caught the attention of everyone and his songs basically dominated the whole Café. He performed his best hits with a great success. Apart from the solo songs, he also performed two duets.
The event ended by a raffle with attractive prizes such as return flight tickets to Israel, a painting by Sylvie Chludilova donated by Efram gallery, kosher wine and mead, chanukia with candles and dinner vouchers to Boutique Hotel Tanzberg Restaurant and King Solomon Restaurant.
We are glad to have met both our dedicated supporters and the new supporters, too. The guests comprised of our donors and dear fellow workers and associates, so the benefit event was not only a charity event, but also an occasion to meet our friends and associated organisations and through an evening well spent we were able to thank them for their cooperation.
This year benefit event raised a total of CZK33,152. The funds will be used for projects in CARE Program supporting organisations caring for Shoa survivors and the generations of their descendants.
We would like to thank to all participants for their attendance and contributions supporting our activities. Many thanks to our donors and partners of the concert: Café Jedna, Conseq company, Ustek Monument Restoration Association, EL AL Israel Airlines, Chramce Winery, King Solomon Restaurant, Jewish E-shop, Efram Gallery and Sylva Chludilova, Boutique Hotel Tanzberg, Lostice Municipality, Respect and Tolerance and Jiri Suss.