Café Session I am Jewish and I prosper, December 14, 2015

At the very end of 2015 we introduced, as part of the Chanukkah café, two actors and moderators - Ester Janeckova and Arnost Goldflam. There is a whole generation of artist that separates them, nevertheless, they know each other very well – Ester was Goldflam´s student when she attended the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and she even acted under his leadership in her graduation performance. Their lifestories, though, differ a lot. The life of Arnost Goldflamm was strongly influenced by his childhood spent in the difficult years after the war in an assimilated Jewish family. His experience from this period of life strongly affected his ethical and moral decision-making that he had to go through during his life. At the same time this was a source of energy for his humour which has become an important guide for his life. His Jewish roots are an inspiration for his choice of theatre plays he produces – an example of these could be a play by an Israeli author Anat Gov Happy End featuring an uneasy fight with cancer. His own writing is focused on the Shoa which, according to him, is a theme he finds closest to him. Ester Janeckova spoke about remarkable Christian-Jewish destiny of her family and her experience from her childhood. She widely spoke on her very painful time when her mother was followed by the state police and on her period after the Velvet Revolution when she found out that the majority of the denunciations came from the very centre of the Catholic community. She was happy to give a talk on her older sons´, Krystof and Cyril, currently studying at Lauder School - Prague Jewish School.