Café Session I am Jewish and I prosper, March 31, 2016

Another café session took place in March, 2016. The session featured an actor Tomas Topfer and Ungelt Theatre Director Milan Hein. The whole session had a very friendly and congenial vibe. Both guests immediately got the attention of the audience due to their amazing use of language and speech in general. Milan Hein passionately pictured his theatre and spoke on the specific work associated with small-scale theatre. He spoke on the way he chooses actors, on their repertoire as well as on the theatre group tours. He spoke about his youth years as he grew up in Czech-Jewish family, and about his sister Marta Skarlantova, who faced a lot of anti-Semitic prejudices. He further described his trips to Israel and his love to this country. Tomas Topfer traditionally featured himself as a nonchalant bon vivant during the café session – he presented a lot of his funny stories often spiced with hardly earned life experience.
Both guests also expressed their opinion on the current political and social situation and talked about their worries concearning the negative moods aimed at various groups of public within our society.