Café Sessions I am Jewish and I prosper Hosted Jakub Szántó and Jakub Železný

Third café session being a part of FHV café sessions cycle called „Jsem Žid a zdráv“ (I am Jewish and I prosper) took place last Thursday in July last year. Even though the session took place in the middle of the holiday season, there was a high number of visitors coming to see the special guests of the session – Czech TV News moderator Jakub Zelezny and Czech TV Middle East News Reporter Jakub Szanto – about 130 participants came and filled the auditorium of the Café.
The session was moderated by Irena Kalhousova, as usual. Her job became very simple this time, both of the special guests are interviewers, so they basically initiated a very attractive discussion themselves. Both Jakubs got an immediate attention of everyone in the room thanks to their lively, attractive, honest and sometimes very personal narration on their job and phenomena they had been facing when doing their job as news reporters. Jakub Zelezny openly revealed his views on the current situation in the area of Czech public and private media, on the challenges and difficulties coming up with the pressure from public, on the balance of public news and on the compromises linked to his job. He proudly described the features he himself considers to be the biggest achievement of the Czech TV news team – significant pressure exerted on the politicians and other public figures forcing them to being responsible for their deeds and proclamations, wide news coverage of both national and international news and thier detailed analyses alongside with high professionalism of journalists and other workers working in Czech TV News Section.
Jakub Szanto spoke on his, sometimes rather complicated, way to the post of Middle East Reporter through work for TV Nova and later being an editor in Czech TV news. He spoke on his admiration of Middle East region and explained that he would not be working in this region for the hot water but contrary to the local conflicts. He described the lavishness of the themes for his reports that Israel and other surrounding countries have to offer. He explained that apart from the political issues this region offers an array of breathtaking personal lifestories as well as cultural, social and natural fields of interest. As well as Jakub Zelezny, Jakub Szanto spoke on the pressure of the public on the balance of the news he presents. This issue is a major one especially in the area of the Israeli-Palestinian matter. Szanto explained that his work strives to enable a healthy balance when referring on both parties of the conflict through his analyses of many places from the geographical area point of view and class of people point of view, this shall present a wider spectre of the news on this area of long-term conflict.