Discussion Cafe 70 Years After Auschwitz - What Now?

In 2012 and 2013, our foundation introduced a series of cafes called "Cafes of Three Generations" in which we introduced several panels of representatives of three generations of people with family history of Shoa. During these cafes the panelists talked about their professional and personal lives and explained how the family experience influenced their personal history. The last cafe of this series featured three professionals that deal with Shoa history and remembrance in their work. They were Dagmar Lieblova, the director of Terezin Initiative, Fedor Gal, a film maker and Jan Poloucek, the director of Post Bellum. The programme was organized on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Auschwitz liberation.

The debate took place on January 29th in Cafe Jedna. The panel, which was moderated by Jan Fingerland, was very emotional. The panelists were not unanimous in their opinions about the future of remembering Holocaust, about the possibility to address young people in future education and prevention of pathological feature in the society nor about the best ways to remember Holocaust in the 21st century. The sharp clash of different ideas was very interesting and the debate was highly valued by the spectators of the panel, who were leaving chatting vividly about the topics mentioned during the debate.

Pictures of the event can be viewed in our photogalery.