Discussion café Jsem Žid a zdráv with Daniel Herman and Michael Žantovský

In our current discussion café Jsem Žid a zdráv we hosted the former minister of culture Daniel Herman and Václav Havel Library Director Michael Žantovský. The evening featured a gentle and fruitful discussion of two experienced politicians and active players public affairs. Both gentlemen reflected on the current political events of the post-election situation and the general current tendencies in Czech politics. Daniel Herman reflected his feelings of a change in the political atmosphere in the country and said he felt himself responsible for not being able to convince the public that this change was not a beneficial for Czech people. Michael Žantovský pragmatically said that the trends leading to the current state of society were visible many years ago and today's situation is the result of long-term development.

Both panelists also talked about their their Jewish roots and the ways in which this experience influenced their current occupation and personal life. In this context, Daniel Herman also spoke about the widely covered issue of state honors and his uncle, George Brady, or about govermental purchase of a pork farm in Lety u Písku from his current owner and planned rebuilding of the area to a memorial to the victims of the Roma Holocaust.

The Café took place on December 19, 2017 at Café Jedna thanks to the support of JDC.

Photos from the event can be found in our photo gallery and the video recording from the evening can bi viewed on our Youtube channel.

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