Discussion café on the occassion of Yom ha-Shoa

On the occasion of Yom ha-shoa, we organized yet another "3-generation Café". The discussion was moderated by Irena Kalhousová, the panel featured Tomáš Radil, Auschwitz survivor and neurophysiologist, Pavel Štingl, producer and head of Bubny Memorial of Silence, and Tereza Váňová, a teacher at Lauder school. As always, the discussion has sought to introduce the views of the Shoah and the Jewish world of the past 70 years from representatives of three generations after the Holocaust.

Mr. Radil spoke of his vision of today's world, which is influenced by his experience of a prisoner of the extermination camp of Auschwitz. he espressed his fears of repeated patterns of society's behavior towards minorities even today. Pavel Štingl, who is currently conducting several interesting projects within the Bubny Silence Memorial, talked about the need for a detailed reflection in the preparation of Shoa projects nowadays and the need for emphasis on novelty, wider context and absence of pathos. Tereza Váňová talked about her experience from community and school work with contemporary Jewish families. She said that although the current young Jewish generation is strongly aware of the significance of the Shoa in their family history, their current Jewish identity is built mostly on positive values ​​and current experiences from active community or cultural life. The experience of Shoa frewuently helps young Jews to be more sensitive to hatered and intolerance against other groups of people in today's society.

The Café took place on April 9 2018 in Café Jedna and was financially supported by JDC.

Pictures from the event can be viewed in our photogalery.