Discussion Cafe with Tomas Pojar and Vladimir Mlynar

In January 2015 we launched a new series of cafes under the name "Jsem Zid a zdrav - I am Jewish and I prosper". In this series we plan to introduce interesting Jewish representatives of Czech public space. The first panel featured the former Czech ambassador to Israel Tomas Pojar and the director of communication in PPF group Vladimir Mlynar. The panel was moderated by Irena Kalhousova.

The discussion featured several very controversial opinions on recent development of Czech public affairs and the current state of Czech media. both panelists talked at length about the Jewishness of their parents, about their - in both cases - still forming Jewish identity and their ideas about the future Jewish education of their children. Tomas Pojar was very firm about his positive attitude towards the State of Israel - he talked favorably about the perseverance of Israelis, which is in his opinion formed by the constant threat of insecurity. He compared it to what he called "negativity and lowliness of Czechs" who live in peace and have a high standard of life. He also mentioned his love for birds in Israel and about his love for Israeli nature in general. Vladimir Mlynar talked about the different paths his children have taken in their search for Judaism and about his own experience in finding his own place in the Prague Jewish community.

Pictures of the event can be viewed in our photogalery.