CCJW (Czech Council of Jewish Women) wishes to invite you for the 22nd International Council of Jewish Women, which takes place in Prague from 4th to 7th May.

The Society of Frantisek and Jiri Langer wishes to invite you for the opening of their their exhibition "Frantisek Langer, Writer, Surgeon, Legionary," whih takes place on the 21st March 2014 from

We wish to invite educators and lecturers that work in Jewish education for the long awaited 2nd year of the Mechanchim seminar for Czech Jewish educators. For details, see the attached documents.

Jewish museum in Prague prepared a special programme to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the death of the Terezin Family Camp prosoners. The programme features a concert, a memorial gathering, guided tours of Pinkas synagogue, discussions with Shoah survivors and lectures.

We wish to invite you for the seminar "Jewish Life Cycle - What and Why do Jews do at Important Milestones of Their Life" organised in cooperation with the Federation of Jewish Communities and the

The OLD art group wishes to invite you for the premiere of the artistic interpretation of the original piece "Trial," which will take place at the launching of the international festival Mene Tekel


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