The FHV board of directors published the results of the 2014 FHV grant calls for the grant allocations in 2015. Please, see the list of supported projects bellow. We wish to congratulate all the successful applicants.

We wish to thank all the visitors of our beneficiary concert, whcich took place on 13th November in Baracnicka rychta. During the concert we raised 21,000 CZK.

On April 21st we opened yet another discussion cafe of the series "Jsem Zid a zdrav - I Am Jewish and I Prosper." This series of cafes that was launched in January 2015 introduces interesting Jewi

In January 2015 we launched a new series of cafes under the name "Jsem Zid a zdrav - I am Jewish and I prosper".

In 2012 and 2013, our foundation introduced a series of cafes called "Cafes of Three Generations" in which we introduced several panels of representatives of three generations of people with family

Our public collection bank account was re-opened for donations on November, 14th 2014. The bank account number is 502-2685554004/2700 (UniCredit Bank). Your donations shall be used in projects of care for Shoa victims, Shoa remembrance, Jewish education and development of Jewish communities. We will be happy to allocate your donation to a specific FHV project of your choice.

Thank you for your support!

The Jewish community in Teplice wishes to invite you to their presentation of the book "Jewis in Teplice - 600 Years of History." The book was written by Lenka Burgerova and Radek Spala.

The Museum of Kromeriz Region wishes to invite you for the 21st coference Jews and Moravia, which shall take place on 12th November 2014.

We have just published the new issue of our InfoBulletin. It features articles about our supported projects, invitations for various events and much more.

Basevi o.p.s. wishes to invite you for a lecture series on Jewish culture in Jicin. For more information go to


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