How to help

Account public collection to support Care, Remembrance, Renewal and Future Programs is open. Help us to help. Even a small gift can turn into concrete assistance.

Public collection account number is: 2113642498/2700

Support us in assisting Holocaust-related causes. Even a modest donation can make a difference. We very much appreciate your decision to contribute. We have prepared several ways for you to support our Foundation’s causes and are close to certain that at least one of them will suit your preferences.

CARE Program

We help seniors that survived the horrors of concentration camps and WWII enjoy a dignified period of their lives. We provide funding to home care, residential care, as well as psychological assistance.
If you want to help secure for these survivors a peaceful yet colourful Autumn of their lives, please donate using the bank details above.

List of supported projects (only CZ)


We support education on the Holocaust for children, students as well as the general public, and training for teachers. In addition, we fund research and publications, exhibitions, memorials, and memorial events that remind us of both Jewish and Roma victims of the Holocaust.
If you agree that their tragic stories must never be forgotten and that similar atrocities must not be allowed to happen again, please contact our office for further information.

List of supported projects (only CZ)

FUTURE Program

Focusing on Jewish studies and projects on Jewish history, culture, and religion, we support educational projects. Moreover, we also support Czech Jewish communities in their endeavour to grow and flourish as professionally managed organizations.
If you want to contribute to awareness of Jewish life and the communities’ development, please contact our office for further information.

List of supported projects (only CZ)


With a consistent long-term vision, we support restoration of synagogues, other remarkable monuments, and Jewish cemeteries that suffered from both destruction and neglect during the almost 50 years of totalitarian rule, from Nazi occupation to the collapse of the Communist regime.

List of supported projects (only CZ)

For further information please contact our office.