Mechanchim VI - seminar for Czech Jewish Eduactors

In the last week of April we organized the 6th Mechanchim Seminar for Teachers and Workers in Jewish Education. The seminar was two-day.

The first day was led by Shelley Kedar, the co-ordinator of Sochnut’s Diaspora educational institutions. Participants shared the challenges of education about Israel in changing conditions of the contemporary Jewish world, and together they went through concrete examples of activities they could use in their classes or community programs. The seminar made it clear that there is now a great shift in Israel's perception as part of the global Jewish community. Education about Israel must be non-dogmatic, open and honest.

The second day led Nic Abery, an expert on Jewish programs involving work with art and museum objects. The participants were presented the Israel70 project that uses Israel's collaboration with several major Israeli museums. The project uses stories that "tell" objects or artwork associated with various periods of history of Mandate Palestine and the State of Israel, and provides various ways children can process these stories.

The seminar was attended by 36 teachers and community workers from various Jewish communities in the Czech Republic and other affiliated organizations. We highly value the fact that participants represent the entire spectrum of Judaism from secular to reform to orthodox. At the same time, all generations of teachers according to the age of their students were represented - from teachers serving Jewish people from the age of 1 to the teachers of the elderly.

As always, in the feedback on the benefits of the meeting teachers stressed the importance of sharing experiences during the event. For the Czech world of Jewish education it is always a refreshing to encounter high-quality lecturers from abroad, who bring a new perspective on the topic studied and a specific experience of intensive long-term work in the field of Jewish education.

We wish to thank all the sponsors for their generous support: JDC, Yesod, Foundation of Prague Jewish Community, Jewish Museum of Prague.

Pictures from the seminar can be viewed here.