Seminar for Workers in Social, Medical and Psychological Services Hosting Maggie Gad from Israel

On 12 September 2017, we organised a one-day seminar lead by Maggie Gad, a director of JDC Eshel in Israel. The focus of the seminar was Creative Care for Holocaust Survivors and the Second Generation.

In the morning, Maggie introduced various programmes addressing social, psychological and emotional needs connected with Shoa survivors. One such programme was a successful project called “Witness Theatre“. The participants of this project were secondary school students and survivors, who shared their wartime stories. Other projects were Café Europa and Photography with Joy. The second part of the seminar was dedicated to the Rising worries from the consequences of the Shoa to the second generation.

The seminar was dedicated to the workers in social, medical and psychological services working for Jewish communities and for workers from other partner organisations in the Czech Republic, who care for Shoa survivors. The interest in seminar was traditionally very high, capacity filled quickly. The seminar was held in English and was simultaneously translated to Czech. All participants received a certificate of attendance to this seminar.

The feedback from participants was mostly positive. Not only the contents of the lectures, but also the personality of the lecturer and the way the seminar was lead, were a big inspiration for participants. Pictures taken during the event could be seen on our website, clicking on the following link: