Stolperstein cleaning

On the occasion of Yom ha-Shoah, Lauder school of Prague asked its students, teachers and parents to adopt individual Stolpersteine in the city. By the stone adoption, volunteers take upon themselves the commitment to visit the stones regularly during the following year until the next Yom ha-Shoah and to clean them so that the information on the stones remains easily legible. The project caught a lot of attention since the day it was launched and we believe that it will soon lead to a continuous care of the legibility of the stones. The adoptees take care either of the stones of their relatives or the Stolpersteine located in places near their place of residence. Thus, the project helps to maintain the awareness of family history as well as the awareness of the history of the place where the school children live.
More information is available from the school´s website

Photo by Žaneta Dvořáková, who is in charge of this stolperstein