Did you know how long have we been supporting the care for Shoa survivors?

It’s been 17 years already! Projects that ensure professional social, medical and psychological care for Holocaust survivors and their families are our priority. Collaborating with professionals enables us to improve the quality of survivors‘ lives and provision of the best available care in their old age. Talking of care, we shall also count on the second generation of Shoa survivors. We support the home care, care services for elderly, psychological assistance, residential care, daycare centers operated by Jewish communities, outreach social workers, social advisory, personal assistance, medical services, occupational therapy, psychotherapy, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, medical care, phone assistance and other activation programs. We will introduce the services provided by individual Jewish communities in the coming communication.
Since 2002 we have supported projects amounting CZK83,9million. Currently we have been financing the care for 350 clients, Shoa survivors.
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