Happy Purim!

Did you know that starting from today’s sunrise and finishing with today’s sunset there is an Ester lent? And, in the evening, one of the merriest Jewish holidays, Purim, commences? On this day we celebrate the saving of the Jews in Persia during the Ahasuerus reign, the victory over Haman. The Foundation for Holocaust Victims has long been supporting Jewish organisations, predominantly their educational and community projects. Purim celebrations belong among the most visited. During Purim, according to a tradition, people send portions of meals and presents to the people in need. And, you too can send a donor text message, a DMS with the following text: NFOH 30, DMS NFOH 60 or DMS NFOH 90 to this number: 87 777 or donation to our public collection account: 2113642498/2700 and thus support the needed care. Thank you for any donation. We wish you a light lent and Chag Sameach, happy Purim!