Beneficiary Concerts

Every year we hold a beneficiary concert with the aim to fundraise for the support of the projects we finance in our grant calls. At the same time, the concert gives us the opportunity to present our work in the past year and to meet our colleagues and partners in a less formal atmosphere.

Beneficiary concert 2017

In 2017, we decided to change the format of the benefit concert and connected it with Hanukkah celebration. Judging by the great interest of the attendees, we went in a good direction. We hosted 250 participants, including children, for which there was a children art prject prepared the Czech madrich team led by Ben Hess. The event also had the honor of welcoming His Excellency Mr. Daniel Meron, the ambassador of the State of Israel to the Czech Republic. During the concert, he lit two candles on the outdoor hanukkiah and recited the traditional Hanukkah blessings.

Benefit Concert 2015, Café Jedna

This year benefit event marked an anniversary – we organised it for the tenth time in a row. Therefore we decided to enliven our older concept and organised the benefit in a new space - Café Jedna, our allied establishment. This cafe, situated in a Trade Fair Palace, has long been our partner providing us with the venue for our café workshops called ” I am Jewish and I prosper,“ where we introduce remarkable persons of Jewish origin in Czech public sector to general public.

Beneficiary concert 2014

The second Thursday in November saw the traditional beneficiary concert of FHV. This year we followed our well proved template from the previous years - the concert took place in Baracnicka rychta, it was moderated by Ester Janeckova and the evening was accompanied by live Roma music of the bands Devles a Gypsy Spirit with Vojta Lavicka.¨

Beneficiary concert 2013

In 2013, the beneficiary was a mixture of old well proved and new and slightly wild. After several years of being in different Jewish vebnues, we returned back to Baracnicka Rychta, where we used to hold our concerts in the past. While last year the concert featured jazz music, this year we introduced two very lively Gypsy bands - Imperio a Terne Čave. The evening was hosted by Ester Janeckova. The traditional concert raffle that always features kosher food and drinks offered an extra price of two free tickets to Tel Aviv donated by El Al.

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