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In 2012 we introduced a new series of cultural events called Cafes of Three Generations. Each cafe featured three representatives of the respective three generations after Shoah. The panelists talked about the influence of the family history of Holocaust on both their personal and professional lives. We concluded the series in January 2015 with a cafe organized on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Auschwitz Birkenau camp liberation. These cafes were financially supported by JDC.

Around the same time we opened a new chapter of this project and we launched a new series of cafes called I am Jewish and I Prosper (the title is based upon a Czech proverb.) The aim of the project is to reflect the current reality of the Czech Jewish scene and to increase awareness of the multi faced features of the Czech Jewish presence. In these cafes we introduce interesting personalities of the Czech artistic, social, political and cultural life. Our goal is to invite people that are primarily know through their work and not through their Jewishness. We wish to examine their personal and professional story and to the role of Judaism in their personal history.

The cafe was launched as a community project and it aims to address not only the community members that are currently active and participate at community events, but also as an outreach for those that participate at such events only rarely or never. Therefore we decided to organize the cafe in a public space rather than in a JCC or another venue traditionally associated with Jewish life.

Café Session “I am Jewish, and I Prosper Hosting Debora Konečná and David Kalhous

Summer café sessions “I am Jewish, and I prosper. “have, for several years, belonged among the constant parts of our program. This year, during the hot summer days, we invited two musicians, Debora Konečná and David Kalhous, to the panel. The debate was, as usual, led by Irena Kalousová, who enriched the debate by her close friendship and familiarity with both guests.

Discussion café on the occassion of Yom ha-Shoa

On the occasion of Yom ha-shoa, we organized yet another "3-generation Café". The discussion was moderated by Irena Kalhousová, the panel featured Tomáš Radil, Auschwitz survivor and neurophysiologist, Pavel Štingl, producer and head of Bubny Memorial of Silence, and Tereza Váňová, a teacher at Lauder school. As always, the discussion has sought to introduce the views of the Shoah and the Jewish world of the past 70 years from representatives of three generations after the Holocaust.

Discussion café Jsem Žid a zdráv with Daniel Herman and Michael Žantovský

In our current discussion café Jsem Žid a zdráv we hosted the former minister of culture Daniel Herman and Václav Havel Library Director Michael Žantovský. The evening featured a gentle and fruitful discussion of two experienced politicians and active players public affairs. Both gentlemen reflected on the current political events of the post-election situation and the general current tendencies in Czech politics.

Café Session I am Jewish and I prosper, March 31, 2016

Another café session took place in March, 2016. The session featured an actor Tomas Topfer and Ungelt Theatre Director Milan Hein. The whole session had a very friendly and congenial vibe. Both guests immediately got the attention of the audience due to their amazing use of language and speech in general. Milan Hein passionately pictured his theatre and spoke on the specific work associated with small-scale theatre. He spoke on the way he chooses actors, on their repertoire as well as on the theatre group tours.

Café Session I am Jewish and I prosper, December 14, 2015

At the very end of 2015 we introduced, as part of the Chanukkah café, two actors and moderators - Ester Janeckova and Arnost Goldflam. There is a whole generation of artist that separates them, nevertheless, they know each other very well – Ester was Goldflam´s student when she attended the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and she even acted under his leadership in her graduation performance. Their lifestories, though, differ a lot. The life of Arnost Goldflamm was strongly influenced by his childhood spent in the difficult years after the war in an assimilated Jewish family.

Café Sessions I am Jewish and I prosper Hosted Jakub Szántó and Jakub Železný

Third café session being a part of FHV café sessions cycle called „Jsem Žid a zdráv“ (I am Jewish and I prosper) took place last Thursday in July last year. Even though the session took place in the middle of the holiday season, there was a high number of visitors coming to see the special guests of the session – Czech TV News moderator Jakub Zelezny and Czech TV Middle East News Reporter Jakub Szanto – about 130 participants came and filled the auditorium of the Café.

Cafe I am Jewish and I Prosper - with Irena Douskova and Tamara Moyzes

On April 21st we opened yet another discussion cafe of the series "Jsem Zid a zdrav - I Am Jewish and I Prosper." This series of cafes that was launched in January 2015 introduces interesting Jewish personalities form the Czech public space. The April cafe was a female endeavour - it featured the political activist and artist Tamara Moyzes and the writer Irena Douskova. The panel was moderated by Irena Kalhousova.

Discussion Cafe with Tomas Pojar and Vladimir Mlynar

In January 2015 we launched a new series of cafes under the name "Jsem Zid a zdrav - I am Jewish and I prosper". In this series we plan to introduce interesting Jewish representatives of Czech public space. The first panel featured the former Czech ambassador to Israel Tomas Pojar and the director of communication in PPF group Vladimir Mlynar. The panel was moderated by Irena Kalhousova.

Discussion Cafe 70 Years After Auschwitz - What Now?

In 2012 and 2013, our foundation introduced a series of cafes called "Cafes of Three Generations" in which we introduced several panels of representatives of three generations of people with family history of Shoa. During these cafes the panelists talked about their professional and personal lives and explained how the family experience influenced their personal history. The last cafe of this series featured three professionals that deal with Shoa history and remembrance in their work.

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