Since 2009 we have been organising seminars for employees of Jewish and partner organisations, whose projects we finance in our grant calls. The aim of the seminars is to educate these workers in different aspects of Judaism, so that they understand the context of their work in a better way. The seminars take place three times a year and they feature topics ranging from Jewish traditions, Jewish sights, modern Jewish history, Holocaust, current political and sociological issues and Israel.
Since 2013, we have been organising extensive seminars for Czech Jewish educators. These seminars take place once a year.
Since 2011 we created a follow-up series of seminars for social and medical staff of Jewish communities (these seminars were originally organized by the Federation of Jewish Communities in the Czech Republic). These seminars take place three or four times a year and they deal with legal issues of social work, psychological aspects of work with Shoa victims and other issues that these workers face in their jobs.

Mechanchim VII

Another year of Mechanchim Seminar was in the name of critical and structured thinking concerning the community work. The majority of the participants had already visited our seminar and therefore we were able to follow up on the discussions from the past, upgrade the discussions by the insights of the new participants and shift our common thinking to a next level. There were in total 25 participants from Czech Jewish communities.

Seminar Lead by Psychiatrist Martin Auerbach

On Thursday, April 14 2016, we organised a seminar lead by Martin Auerbach, an Israeli psychiatrist and psychotherapist – the National Clinical Director of AMCHA, a Center for Psychosocial Support of Survivors of the Holocaust. The seminar focused on the Aspects of Emotional Burden and Challenges in helping professions when working with Shoah survivors. It was attended by 40 participants from helping professions from all over the Czech Republic. We would like to thank Mr. Auerbach for an excellent seminar and to all the participants for their positive feedback.

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