Yom ha-Shoa

Together with the Institute of Terezin Initiative we organised between 2007 - 2014 a public reading of Czech and Moravian Holocaust victims. The reading took place on Namesti Miru in Prague and in several other cities around the Czech Republic.

Yom ha-Shoa 2013

On Yom ha-Shoa on 8th April 2013, the FHV and the Institute of Terezin Initiative organized the 8th public reading of Czech Shoa victim names. The event took place on namesti Miru in Prague. The reading commemorated the 70th aniversary of the start of the Warshaw ghetto uprising, which is considered the biggest Jewish resistance action against the Nazis of the WWII. The prisoners of the Warshaw ghetto decided to face injustice in April 1943. Being aware of the small chances to succeed they faced the much stronger Nazis for almost a month. The uprising inspired the following resistance actions in Treblinka in August, in Sobibor in October and in Auschwitz in October 1944.

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