A programme supporting projects that serve as dignified reminders of the Holocaust victims and Holocaust educational activities.

We have to face the atrocities of the past so that they may never happen again. We support the educational programmes for children, teachers and the general public. We support the publication and film-making activities, researches, exhibitions, memorials and cultural events remembering the Jewish and Roma Holocaust victims.

Our supported activities include:

  • Exhibitions of photographs, children's art work, and materials that remind of the Holocaust.
  • Concerts of classic, traditional Jewish and Roma music, and dance or theatre performances
  • Publications - the memoirs of the survivors, historical studies and other publications
  • Memorials and Memorial Plaques , reminding of the local Jewish and Roma communities and the victims of the Holocaust
  • Conferences and Seminars for professionals and the amateur public
  • Educational Programmes and Talks by the survivors, for children, teachers and the general public.
  • Research Activities – the collecting of stories of eyewitness accounts, the study and archiving of historical data
  • Lists of these supported projects may be found in the Annual Reports.