A programme for the reconstruction, renovation and maintenance of movable and immovable Jewish monuments in the Czech Republic. We help to preserve the cultural patrimony. On a long-term basis, we have been supporting the reconstructions and restorations of synagogues, buildings and cemeteries of historical value, which were devastated by both the Nazi and Communist totalitarian regimes. We care about the preservation of cultural patrimony for further generations, and we would like this patrimony to also fulfil its function nowadays.

We consider as Jewish Monuments all movable and immovable things, or their collection, that support religious manners, historical development, creative abilities and life of the Jewish community or their members. Enlisting the monument in the Central List of Monuments Protected by the State of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic does not constitute an essential condition in this matter. The monuments concerned are cemeteries, synagogues and other buildings of historical value.

We support an extensive collection of activities that generally aim to restore those monuments damaged by long-term neglect in maintenance, amateur renovations, and construction alterations, erosion and vandalism, into a state corresponding to the original appearance of the monuments at the time of their first construction. Eventually, we restore the monument into a condition which shows in its full glory the most precious of architectural and artistic-hand-crafted elements, and at the same time enables the use of the monument in the current times.

Lists of these supported projects may be found in the Annual Reports.