Program Care

A programme supporting projects dealing with social and health care issues, emphasizing the needs of Holocaust survivors.

A programme supporting projects dealing with social and health care issues, emphasizing the needs of Holocaust survivors.

Since we were established in 2000, we have devoted our activities to the care of the Holocaust survivors. The need for prompt and quality care for senior citizens is mainly subject to the advanced age of our clients. We support those services which provide our clients with dignity and safety, services provided in accordance with the Standards of Social Services of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, health care services not covered by insurance companies or only partly covered with some limitations, and fieldwork and services within the community that support self-reliance and the independence of our clients. We strive to let the clients stay at home within their own home environment, and we also assist the clients with prevention of their social exclusion, as well as organizing various social activities.
The support of professional and modern services providing social and health care to Holocaust survivors is simply our top priority.

Our supported activities include:

  • Home Care
    Home care is a modern service with the specific aim of enabling the senior citizens the longest stay possible in their home environment (or to limit or reduce the need for hospital care), and to provide professional social and health services within this environment. Our fieldwork provides senior citizens with dignity, independence, self-reliance and security.
  • Residential Care
    Quality institutional care is also provided alongside our other specialized services. The FHV prefers to support those services that comply with the social services standards.
  • Social Fieldwork
    Social fieldwork services provided by social workers constitute a baseline of quality care. Important elements of this work are: the interview with the client focusing on their needs, social advisory services, assistance on procuring governmental social support, compensation issues, the mediation of services from various professionals or volunteers, social contact, and enabling contact with the nearest community.
  • Psychological Assistance to People Suffering from Post-Traumatic Syndrome
    For many years, international research has proven that the traumatic experience of the Holocaust has fundamentally and permanently harmed the mental health of not only those who survived the persecutions themselves, but that is also transferred onto their families and their descendants. These three generations of people need the help of specially trained professionals.
  • Mapping the Needs of the Jewish Communities in the Sphere of Social Services and the Care for Senior Citizens
    We support the care of the members of the Jewish communities – the Holocaust victims – and those projects within the sphere of social and health care. These activities are very frequently prepared by the members and for the members of the Jewish communities, and therefore we are dedicated to providing them our support and attention.

Lists of these supported projects may be found in the Annual Reports.